Monday, October 29, 2007

"Trunk" or Treat

Kids today have it GREAT! I'm serious. Where were these "Trunk or Treat" events when I was a child?

For those of you who don't know, "Trunk" or Treat is an event where a school, church, etc. opens up it's parking lot, charges $10 per car, and then lets everyone park their cars in the parking lot. Then - all of the kids go car to car (or trunk to trunk) collecting candy. It's phenomenal! It's like an assembly line of kids gathering candy. No more does a child have to actually WALK from house to house and EARN his candy. No. Now they can simply skate down the line-up of cars on a pair of roller blades (which I saw several intuitive kids doing). We brought 300 pieces of candy and ran out.

Each of our kids got about 5 lbs. of candy. Meaning that we took home 25 lbs. of joy from this thing. TWENTY FIVE POUNDS OF CANDY! Stop and think about that for a minute. How does one go about devouring 25 lbs. of candy? (I can tell you how I started... I opened with the Reese Cups and then moved onto the Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish, followed closely by the Mallow Cups, and washed it all down with a fistful of Jolly Ranchers and a Diet Coke (I drink Diet because I'm a Diabetic)... but I barely made a dent.) To top it all off, we still have to go "Trick or Treating" on Wednesday. Plus the kids have a Halloween Party at school on Tuesday.
Good thing their school has a "wellness" lunch program. At least the schools are teaching them some kind of health regiment, because God knows we're not.

Happy Halloween... let the deluge begin!