Wednesday, December 15, 2010


"Did they have backsies back then?"

This was one of Robby's many questions while we're watching the long lost broadcast of the 1960 World Series Game 7.

Some of our conversation:

Robby: So that's Roberto Clemente? (I always call Robby "Roberto.")

Me: Yep.

Robby: Wow. (we watch for a few minutes) Dad - I asked Santa for a Clemente Jersey for Christmas. I really hope he brings me one.

Me: I'm sure he will. (getting online now to order)

He wouldn't stop with the questions. Everything from backsies to, "Is this game in New York or Pittsburgh?" to "Who are the Phillies four great pitchers now, Dad?" "Are they better than the Pirates from back then?" It is one of those slivers in time where you feel like you are above the room, just looking down at the conversation, and say to yourself, "Don't ever forget this."

Robby: Is Roberto still alive?

Me: No, buddy. He's not.

Robby: How did he die?

Me: Well... he was delivering food and clothing to poor people in Puerto Rico, where he grew up, and his plane crashed. He died while he was still playing baseball and it was really sad. He had exactly 3000 hits, which is kind of a big deal."

Robby: Oh... did the poor people get their food?

Me: I'm not sure, kiddo. I don't know if he was flying there or flying back but I'm sure that someone made sure that they got some food.

Robby: Well that's good. Making sure they got their food is a big deal, too, right?
At around this time Sammy came down from upstairs (Sammy who has just been to the Baseball Hall of Fame and is becoming a pretty big baseball fan) and Robby immediately says:

Robby: Sam - do you know how Roberto Clemente died?

Sammy: No.

Robby: He died in a plane crash giving food to the poor.

Sammy: (Not really caring) Really.

Robby: No - you don't understand Sam - it was reeeeally sad!
It was about this time that Sammy realized what was on TV. I need to disclose that - despite my best efforts - Sammy is a bigger Yankee fan than Pirates fan. I can't really blame him. The Pirates have sucked since I was slightly older than he is now (MOMENT OF REALIZATION...) Holy shit. I'm old. Holy shit. The Pirates have been horrible forever. Anyway - my only saving grace is that Sammy is a fan of the OLD Yankees - not the current Yankees. He could care less about A-Rod or Jeter - his heroes are Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.

Bob Prince: Next up to the plate Roger Maris


Me: Yup - he was on the Yankees during this game. What's so special about Roger Maris, Sam?

Sammy: Ummm... he broke Babe Ruth's record, Dad. C'mon!

Bob Prince: (A few minutes later) Coming to the plate... Yogi Berra.

Sammy: This is AWESOME!
I'm a total dork, but Sammy is right - this is awesome!

It seems that baseball does get passed along from father to son and on and on down the line. Just before this broadcast I called my dad and asked him a few questions about the 1960 Buccos.

Spring training is only 2 1/2 months away.

"Hollywood" by Anna Morris

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Some of you may be aware that I kinda like listening to, and discovering, new musicians and their stuff. I used to do a podcast, but have fallen off of the wagon with that endeavor.

I'm going to link some pretty awesome sites below that you should check out if you are interested/bored/care.

1. The Sixty One - This is probably my favorite music site. I listen to this at work. There are quests and you can earn hearts and reputation points by completing the various quests (listening to specific types of music, etc.) You are then able to spend those hearts and points on artists you enjoy and make them more popular. It's quite a fun experiment. Check it out!

2. 8 Tracks - I have not created any play lists on this site, but I have found a bunch of great ones. I'm listening to this one right now called, "Stop Thinking." "Turn off your brain and let these ten tracks remove you from the real world for a little bit. You could use the break from life anyway." Surf around - find something you love!

3. Pandora - This is an old favorite that I just had to include. If you don't know about Pandora yet, you either live in a cave - or... well... you live in a cave.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Snowflakes" By Ella Morris

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dancing School... it's Enough to Bring you to Drinkin'

Ok - the girl's have dancing school every Saturday morning at 11:15am sharp. The dancing school is part of a shopping center that has, among other things, a Grocery Store, a CVS, and a Beer Distributor. Every week the parking lot is jammed full, I'm navigating a 12 passenger van, and I succumb to parking in the easiest spot - which is about 3 and 1/2 miles from the actual school. We've never been hit by a car while playing frogger to get to class - but it's been darn close.

Today was different. Today - I didn't feel like walking those 3 1/2 miles. Today - I also didn't feel like surfing around the lot until I found someone who was leaving. Today - I decided to take advantage of a small loophole that I've noticed every week but have failed to capitalize on... until now. (This was all being done for the children's safety I must add.) You see - the dancing school's neighbor is the beer distributor. The beer guys have, wisely, put a huge sign out in front of their establishment that says, "BEER PARKING ONLY!" Me, also being a wise individual, decided that I should take advantage of this loophole by parking in the spot, purchasing a case of the finest Belgian Christmas Ale (Rude Elves Reserve), and then walking the kids into the school. Sheer genius!

Mind you, this has increased the cost of the girl's dance tuition by approximately $40 per week, which is a bit of a problem financially, but it's important for the children's safety and continued enjoyment of the performing arts. A small price to pay.

I'm actively taking suggestions for next week's parking case.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saturday Morning Donut Draft

The kids woke up this morning, fully prepared. They learned their draft position last night. They stayed up all night playing out all of the possible scenarios in their 6 and 8 year old brains. Anna and Ella even went to CVS and got a draft guide. Months of preparation came down to five lightning quick minutes and a two round snake draft at 8:30 am. This is not a keeper league.

The first pick was daddy's and I selected the illusive Boston Creme. Apparently - this was a bad pick and the ridicule from the kids, I expect, will last all season. (I do have to say the I got the French Krueller with the final pick of the draft and still think that my squad is the best in the league).

The next two donuts to go were the two "Red Icing with Green Spinkles Holiday Specials" (leave it to Ella and Anna to go with this season's trendy picks... so predictable.)

The glazed donut lasted way longer than it should have. James took it at the of top of the second round but the run on white sprinkles happened just where I expected.

All said a fun time was had by all and the rest of the morning was spent trash talking (with our mouths stuffed full, of course) and staring at the draft board, everyone thinking they have the best squad. The draft went as follows:

Round 1:
Daddy: Boston Creme
Ella: Holiday special
Anna: Holiday Special
Sammy: Chocolate frosted with white stripes
Robby: Boston Creme
James: Pink sprinkles

Round 2:
James: Glazed
Robby: White sprinkles
Sammy: White Sprinkles
Anna: Chocolate Glazed
Ella: Pink Sprinkles
Daddy: French Krueller

*The lack of jelly donuts in this year's draft was deliberate and also unfortunate.

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