Thursday, April 30, 2009


We took our dirtball children to the carnival tonight. Many lessons were learned.

1. I no longer have an affinity for carnival rides. Like - ZERO. We went on the ferris wheel and I just about puked... BTW - the kids thought this was a riot. Then we cruised over to the bears. (A ride where you sit inside a large metal bear and spin around until you either a) die or b) kill your kid.) I wasn't planning on engaging in this joyous ride but the worker looks up from his phone and says to me, "Dude - which one of you is going to go on with them?" Geana doesn't even ride shotgun in the car without vomiting, thus I was volunteered. This ride sucked more than the ferris wheel.

2. All workers at carnivals are now required to be texting someone from their phone while operating the rides. Literally - every single ride we went on, the operator was texting. We discovered that the optimal time for texting is while the current riders are exiting the ride and before the next wave takes their spots on the ride. This gives the carny ample time to type 50 to 100 characters. One clever operator actually said, "Okay parents - feel free to come in and help get your kids." While we handled the kids, the woman proceeded to sit down, whip out her phone, and text her toothless brother to tell him about the "Quintruplets" that were on her ride, I'm sure.

3. Anna likes funnel cake.

T-Ball & Softball

I've said this before - but I'm back for real this time. I just couldn't get into a groove with consistent writing or recording since our fire and Sammy's accident. This time - I'm committed. It's summertime, we have lots going on that I can write about, and I have the time to do it. No more excuses... (I may even record some podcasts).

The boys and girls have started little league and I don't know who is having more fun - the kids or me. There is something about watching the awe in the kids eyes and the joy that it brings them even if they are just playing in the dirt or wearing their glove on their head. I'm not helping coach their teams as I did with Sammy but I'm still teaching them everything I know (which isn't much). For example - yesterday I taught James how to swagger up to the plate and stare down the pitcher before stepping into the batter's box. He's four and he's hitting off of a tee, but he did an incredible job. After all, baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical - right?

Ella isn't too fond of actually playing softball, but getting dressed up makes it worth the fun. Geana made them hair ties that match their jerseys and have little softballs on the ribbons. Ella loves that part of the game and that's what matters.

By the way - the boys are all on the same t-ball team and the girls are on the same softball team this year. Next year Sammy's going to be on a team, Robby and James on a different one, and Anna and Ella on yet another. I sat down to put the game schedule into my calendar last night for both the girls and the boys and it took me FOREVER. I can feel the change coming (if it hasn't happened already). The difficulty of having five kids is subtly shifting from "It is tough to keep track of all of them and keep them all safe" to "It is tough to coordinate all of their activities and make sure nothing overlaps and that we make it there on time." I see this only getting harder until we make the next transition into "I can't believe my kids are actually going out on dates."

Well - so long! I'm going to be writing more consistently now (I'm telling myself this as much as you guys). Check back for more posts in the next day or so. I'm hoping to actually record a podcast from the kids' t-ball game this Saturday, LIVE FROM DERMOND FIELD! (We'll see).