Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

We hung our decorations this weekend and the house looks like a cross between an elf's lair and a Wawa. We got those new LED icicle lights. They produce a really white light which makes it look like florescent bulbs are creating the light. Hey - if you need cigarettes, coffee, and a hoagie - just stop on by.

Amidst the joys of decorating, all of our kids got sick. Like - really sick. Like - liquid, projectile poop, and throw-up sick. At one point James threw up in the toilet and Sammy started crying because he had to throw up, too. I got him a bucket, he puked, and then Ella called from upstairs telling me that she had soupy poop on the potty and was in need of wiping. Geana wasn't home.

I have successfully avoided getting sick because I was in Chicago last week and avoided the bug... hopefully!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We're Almost Famous!

So Discovery Health is filming another special on us. Yesterday was the first day that they were actually at our house and were all up in our junk. The kids are hilarious. They are so well behaved when the cameras are on and then... BAM! The cameras turn off and Robby is on top of the table or James is throwing himself all over the floor because he couldn't find the toy he wanted. Gotta love 'em. More soon...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Facebook Addict

Yes - I'm totally addicted to Facebook. It is a recent development but - yes - I have succumb to the hype... and it is like crack to me. I'm ashamed.

I can now tell you what Sally in Idaho is doing just by looking up her status online. It doesn't matter that I didn't care what Sally was doing when I was in high school and, frankly, didn't really even have any meaningful dialogue with Sally when I was there. Not to be malicious, I'm just meerly stating what is fact. Well - now she's commenting on pictures of my kids and telling me about her plumbing problems like we have been best friends for years. She can even talk to me, real time, via facebook IM and tell me that her plumber is knocking on the door. I don't care about any of this, mind you, but I feel like it is good information to be gathering. Hey - you never know when you may be in Idaho and in need of a decent plumber.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Travel Stories

Even though we have four year old quadruplets and a six year old son - we CAN STILL GO OUT TO EAT. We got so many looks this weekend in Pittsburgh from amazed individuals that we were ACTUALLY out in public with our kids... and get this... they actually behave while we are at the restaurants. Whoa! If you are ever out about town and see a family with high order multiples take this note - you can't say anything to them that they have not heard before. Honestly. You are not clever. You are not funny. You are not original. But I digress...

Here are several stories of annoying people that we encountered in our escapades to The Steel City.

Dumbest. Waitress. Ever.
Picture our family sitting at a booth. Geana, Kurt, and five kids. All of the ketchup, sugar, salt, pepper, utensils, jelly, etc. are strategically situated so that the kids don't bother them prior to our food arriving. It was a six seater booth so we were pretty crammed in there - which is fine. We do it all the time. We only really get annoyed when the waitress neglects to take our dirty plates away and the dishes overwhelm our space.

We place our order:
Kurt - Breakfast Smile: Eggs, toast hashbrowns
Geana - Same
Kids: Some semblance of pancakes, french toast, and muffins. The majority of the kids had pancakes.

Well our dipshit waitress decides that it would be a good idea to BRING THE SYRUP EARLY! That's right - bring the stickiest, sugarfilled substance to our table 10 minutes BEFORE we are planning on using it. Are you kidding me? I know... I couldn't believe it either. I took a picture.

Well - because our kids are extremely well behaved they didn't touch it after we told them not to. I am still amazed at this lady.

War for Seats:
Saturday evening was spent going out with my parents, sister, brother in-law, Geana, and the kids to Quaker Steak & Lube (quite possibly the best wings/ribs place on earth). My sister and Justin (BIL) went ahead first while we were at Pap's (about a 3 minute drive away). She told them "Morris party of 11" and they gave us a 45 minute wait. Rather than have the kids at the restaurant lobby, we stayed at Pap's for another 25 to 30 minutes... when Melissa called us. The call went something like this:

Melissa - Guess what? Another party of 11 just came in and they told us that they are giving our table to them unless our entire party gets here before their entire party.

Kurt - WHAT!?

M - Yup - they said that's their policy.

K - That's a bullshit policy.

M - They don't seem to be budging on it, though. You guys should haul ass and get here ASAP.

K - Well - my policy is to keep my kids confined as long as possible in order to save their vestibule from the wrath of four year old quadruplets - but that's fine.... it's on now. We're on our way.

We loaded the kids up as fast as we could - sans coats, gloves, hats, etc... there just wasn't time. So we jumped into the van and hi-tailed it over to The Quaker Steak.

About three minutes later we pull into the parking lot and unload into the lobby. We didn't make it. Our table was gone. Our solution - as we sat there in the lobby at 7pm went something like this:

Kurt: "Hey guys I see presents over there under that Christmas tree. There looks like there is enough for all of you - take a look..."

Quads & Sammy: "AWESOME!"
Chaos ensued. A blur of brightly colored sweaters headed, en mass, to the Christmas tree. Luckily saner heads prevailed and stepped into the kids' path before they made it over to the quaint tree with the nicely decorated presents underneath. We were seated 5 minutes later.

Our trip was a blast. We had tons of fun!