Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Some of you may be aware that I kinda like listening to, and discovering, new musicians and their stuff. I used to do a podcast, but have fallen off of the wagon with that endeavor.

I'm going to link some pretty awesome sites below that you should check out if you are interested/bored/care.

1. The Sixty One - This is probably my favorite music site. I listen to this at work. There are quests and you can earn hearts and reputation points by completing the various quests (listening to specific types of music, etc.) You are then able to spend those hearts and points on artists you enjoy and make them more popular. It's quite a fun experiment. Check it out!

2. 8 Tracks - I have not created any play lists on this site, but I have found a bunch of great ones. I'm listening to this one right now called, "Stop Thinking." "Turn off your brain and let these ten tracks remove you from the real world for a little bit. You could use the break from life anyway." Surf around - find something you love!

3. Pandora - This is an old favorite that I just had to include. If you don't know about Pandora yet, you either live in a cave - or... well... you live in a cave.