Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saturday Morning Donut Draft

The kids woke up this morning, fully prepared. They learned their draft position last night. They stayed up all night playing out all of the possible scenarios in their 6 and 8 year old brains. Anna and Ella even went to CVS and got a draft guide. Months of preparation came down to five lightning quick minutes and a two round snake draft at 8:30 am. This is not a keeper league.

The first pick was daddy's and I selected the illusive Boston Creme. Apparently - this was a bad pick and the ridicule from the kids, I expect, will last all season. (I do have to say the I got the French Krueller with the final pick of the draft and still think that my squad is the best in the league).

The next two donuts to go were the two "Red Icing with Green Spinkles Holiday Specials" (leave it to Ella and Anna to go with this season's trendy picks... so predictable.)

The glazed donut lasted way longer than it should have. James took it at the of top of the second round but the run on white sprinkles happened just where I expected.

All said a fun time was had by all and the rest of the morning was spent trash talking (with our mouths stuffed full, of course) and staring at the draft board, everyone thinking they have the best squad. The draft went as follows:

Round 1:
Daddy: Boston Creme
Ella: Holiday special
Anna: Holiday Special
Sammy: Chocolate frosted with white stripes
Robby: Boston Creme
James: Pink sprinkles

Round 2:
James: Glazed
Robby: White sprinkles
Sammy: White Sprinkles
Anna: Chocolate Glazed
Ella: Pink Sprinkles
Daddy: French Krueller

*The lack of jelly donuts in this year's draft was deliberate and also unfortunate.

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