Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dancing School... it's Enough to Bring you to Drinkin'

Ok - the girl's have dancing school every Saturday morning at 11:15am sharp. The dancing school is part of a shopping center that has, among other things, a Grocery Store, a CVS, and a Beer Distributor. Every week the parking lot is jammed full, I'm navigating a 12 passenger van, and I succumb to parking in the easiest spot - which is about 3 and 1/2 miles from the actual school. We've never been hit by a car while playing frogger to get to class - but it's been darn close.

Today was different. Today - I didn't feel like walking those 3 1/2 miles. Today - I also didn't feel like surfing around the lot until I found someone who was leaving. Today - I decided to take advantage of a small loophole that I've noticed every week but have failed to capitalize on... until now. (This was all being done for the children's safety I must add.) You see - the dancing school's neighbor is the beer distributor. The beer guys have, wisely, put a huge sign out in front of their establishment that says, "BEER PARKING ONLY!" Me, also being a wise individual, decided that I should take advantage of this loophole by parking in the spot, purchasing a case of the finest Belgian Christmas Ale (Rude Elves Reserve), and then walking the kids into the school. Sheer genius!

Mind you, this has increased the cost of the girl's dance tuition by approximately $40 per week, which is a bit of a problem financially, but it's important for the children's safety and continued enjoyment of the performing arts. A small price to pay.

I'm actively taking suggestions for next week's parking case.