Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back To School... and Other Stuff

We headed back to school a couple of weeks ago and nobody has died... yet.

In some ways, the kids going back to school is great. You know - they are growing up, they are out of the house, they are investing in their future. Blah blah blah... However - while starting school we have, occasionally, come across issues that seemed insurmountable. We came across things that, at first, were potentially catastrophic and could cause the earth (our portion of it) to spin out of control. But as all things in life - these issues seem to resolve themselves as time moves on. Issues like, "What am I supposed to do when I'm sitting in class and I have to go pee - and I'm wearing this new fangled belt?!?" (You'll be glad to know that we've now navigated the belt after a month's worth of practice and can actually get to the potty, unbuckle, unsnap, unip, pull down, and pee in record time - if necessary. We try not to show off.)

You see - life goes on. As you embark on new journeys and portions of your life, it only takes one potential leak in your pants to create the determination needed to master getting that belt off, unzipping... all of it. You roll with the punches and learn how to dodge and weave to make life easier to swallow.