Monday, June 22, 2009

My Thoughts on Jon & Kate... for those who care.

Ok - I've been asked about 100 times about my thoughts on this stupid television couple. I sat down - for the first time - and watched an entire episode tonight and I have the following things to say.

1. I've never watched this show in the past because it always seemed too real to me. I've caught bits and pieces here and there. It was like watching my life and, frankly, it wasn't that entertaining... to me. I live a life with high order multiples everyday. I know what it's like to get tons of kids dressed in the morning or to brush teeth, or to give baths etc. Therefore - I'd rather watch SportsCenter with my television viewing minutes...

2. They have made their decisions, all of them, in order to benefit their lives and to "get" what they could in order to provide their kids with stuff that they could never have provided had it not been for TLC and for their show. Listen man - having multiples is freakin' EXPENSIVE. Instead of buying that powerwheels for your kid you're buying those 4 powerwheels for your kids (I'm not complaining - this gives you the jeep, the escalade, the backhoe, AND the pink car). Instead of buying a box of poptarts at the grocery store - I buy them on pallets at BJ's. I understand and, honestly, congratulations for being able to "get" what you have gotten. I wish I could have done that for my kids. (Instead I have a backyard of empty pallets.) Now - as it turns out - this has become their careers... which is fine. Their single source of income is from their tv show. To those of you out there who have said to me, "They should just stop doing the show. Why would they put their kids through that?" Answer me this - would you just quit your job, your only source of income, for any reason at all without having anything else lined up that is comparable in compensation? Honestly - you want to really screw your kids - go ahead and do that. They put themselves in a tough spot but I completely follow the path that they were on. Benefit 1: an unbelievable documentary of your children's lives that they will have forever. Benefit 2: income you couldn't have dreamed of (with greater expenses (b/c of having multiples) you could never have dreamed of). Benefit 3: Fame. Honestly - 90% of people would do it if they were presented with the opportunity. I guarantee it.

3. I blame, largely, their producers. Not for their failed marriage - but for the direction of the show. People watch the show to watch normal people being overwhelmed by kids... yet managing to succeed somehow (or fail). People that middle class America can relate to. Someone should have told Jon & Kate that people don't want to watch them in a multi-million dollar home or driving sports cars or in designer clothes. Don't get me wrong - make the money - but save it. Invest it. Squirrel it away. This show certainly isn't going to last forever. Keep living life getting free stuff from sponsors, free trips, free help, and all of that. But don't put on the perception of being "rich". Make your money, but hide it away for later. This society will turn on you on a dime - especially if it is perceived that you made $$ off of your kids - and that is what is happening, regardless of the cheating, etc. Someone should have guided them or had some type of artistic control of the show. Or the Gosselin's should have anticipated this themselves. This, to me, is the biggest reason for failure.

4. I feel that they are living their life FOR their show, now, which the show should be a window into the reality of their life. As soon as they start living FOR the show instead of the show being a window into reality - it becomes fake, unreal, and consequently uninteresting. Does this make sense? I want to see reality - not their scripted version of reality. (Well - I don't want to see it at all but most of America does, it seems.) The fact that they filed for divorce on the day that this show aired was kinda ridiculous to me. If you are going to get divorced - then get divorced - but don't schedule your filings based on your television show's airing schedule. Pahleeease.

5. Don't forget that they are just normal people who have been handed an overwhelming life. They made decisions in the face of this overwhelmingness (is that a word). Some of their decisions were good and some were bad. They are just people trying to make it - just like you and me. Jon, in particular it seems, got a taste of the famous life and started to live it up. What he didn't realize is that he isn't "a real celebrity". The same rules don't pertain to you as to George Clooney - sorry dude. You're just a dude - one with a bunch of kids - that nobody is going to care about five years from now (except maybe your kids). George Clooney - he'll still be on tv in five years. Jon Gosselin - not so much.

6. Lastly - they need to stop saying that what they are doing is for the kids. It plays as a cop out and bullsh@t on tv. This goes to my point #3, though. How is your sports car for the kids? Your hair plugs? Your designer coats?

I will never speak of these people again on my blog... unless they commit murder, have a sex change, or invite me on their show. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Anonymous said...

agreed....if they had done a once a month diary/documentary style show udtaing you on te family and their trials, tribulations and progress it would have been less obtrusive and more "real". However the constant need for these two to perform for the camera led to their demise and the kids are left holding the bag. Selfish. They are no Morris Family!!

Dan said...

I think you, the wife, and the kids should square off against them in a sort of "battle of the network stars". I would sign on for that for sure!