Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Front Window

It's official. I'm old.

You see - growing up, I used to love sitting at my grandparents kitchen table. The thing was smack up against a big bay window and you could just sit and stare outside all day long. We'd listen to Pirate games at that table, we'd sit there while Gram cooked us some lunch or loaded the dishwasher. The pitchers of beer kept being replenished by us kids and the adults would just sit at the table and shoot the shit while life happened outside. As an adult I recently sat there with Pap and smoked a cigar and listened to some jazz on the radio. (Even as a grown man, I still was the one who made the trip to the basement to fill up the pitcher. Some things never get old!)

This past weekend, I set up our dining room table to be up against our big front window. (I'm not sure that Geana is sold on the idea, but she's given me the leeway to try it.) I've spent hours here since then, just putzing around on line and staring out to the world. I find it really calming and enjoyable. Life seems to slow down as you hear the whir of the cars pass by and the occasional ambulance going to or from the hospital around the corner.

You may think that the picture above was staged, but it was not. This is how the kids left their toy outside and what I've gotten to look at all day. :)