Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Falling Apart

Everything in our home is broken... no lie. A quick list of things that have broken within the past two weeks in the Morris home.

*check (battery died)

*check - (I backed into a sign.)

Video Camera
*check - (It fell off of the table)

*check - (the . key has decided to unattach itself making the simplest websites impossible to get to)

*check - (for some reason (probably grease) the middle rack got A LOT hotter than the right or left and the knob melted off)

*check - (it started running incessently and we had to replace the entire inside)

What really sucks is that NONE of this stuff is cheap. Why can't our $12 alarm clock break? Or why can't something that we NEVER use break - like the romba. I just don't get it. I'm starting to get nervous about taking the kids out of the house for fear they may come back with 9 fingers or something. Then again - all of these things broke IN our house, so perhaps getting them as far away from Mommy & Daddy as possible is the ideal thing to do.