Saturday, June 07, 2008


Sammy graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. It was one of those proud moments that you have as a father. One of those few experiences that reaches the pinnacle of admiration and pride that you have in your child. You will only experience these moments a handful of times in your child's lifetime.

I asked Sammy what his favorite part of Kindergarten was, now that it is over. The conversation went something like this:

ME: Sam - what was the best part of Kindergarten.

SAMMY: I don't know.

ME: Come on - you had to have liked one thing more than anything else.

SAMMY: I guess.

ME: What is it?? What was your favorite thing?

SAMMY: Um.... the chicks.

ME: .... (silence)

SAMMY: They were cute, but when they got too old Mrs. Huff sent them away.

ME: (more silence)

SAMMY: I'm think I'm gonna try to get one of my own when I get older. Do you think we could do that? Is there a chick store? And when it gets too old we can send it away and get another one... pleeeeease?

ME: Talk to your mother.


Geoffrey Kershner said...

Dude. This is amazing. Miss you man. I talked to Jessi for a bit today. Time marches on...Give a holla sometime.