Monday, June 02, 2008

My Birthday Day

I started the day off yesterday by taking about 20 to 25 bags to a center for single mom's. They were so thrilled. It took forever to unload everything.

Lady: "This is, by far, the biggest donation we've ever gotten."

Me: "Well - I have a lot of kids."

That made my day, regardless of whatever else happened throughout the day. But I have to say - the rest of the day was pretty good, too. We decided to NOT go to the pool and instead to have my parents and Geana's family over for a BBQ. I stayed outside for most of the day just playing with the kids and having a blast in the backyard. They were all pretty good because they understood that it was my birthday and were trying their hardest to be good for Daddy.

Perhaps the funniest part of the day was Robby going in and out of the house. He doesn't really like to have on a wet bathing suit so everytime he came inside, he'd drop trou and change back into his underpants and shorts. Then when he went outside he'd put the wet suit on again and trapse out to the backyard. This had to have happened about 4 or 5 times throughout the afternoon. And I have to say - I can't really blame him. I don't like wet bathing suits either.

Ok - I'm outta here. Thanks for stoppin' by!


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me what center for single mothers you donate to? I live in the Philadelphia area, and I am a single mom who would love to donate some baby stuff to that center. You can reach me at Love your blog. Your kiddos are adorable.