Sunday, July 19, 2009

OCNJ - Day 1

Our first day got us in around 4:30pm or even 5:00. I think that God created beach traffic just so that you appreciate your vacation that much more when you get there. As with all vacations that we take we brought 2 cars - one for kids and one for luggage. I drove the luggage this year.

Upon arrival we immediately invaded the pool that we share with our neighbor. They are the same people that were here last year so the shock of five kids running into the pool was less than it could have been. The woman made the comment that the boys had gotten big (as she packed up and started making her way in from the pool just as we arrived.) Anyway - cannonballs and intense screaming ensued for the next two hours.

I have to say - having four year old quadruplets is sometimes difficult to navigate with others. I mean - we got this place because it has a pool and it is easier to take the kids to the pool for a day rather than the beach. But there are times when you kinda feel bad because these people also rented this place because of the pool, and here we are taking over - because it is impossible for us to do anything less. Then again - they rented last year when we were here and came back so they must like us!

Dinner was at Pino's, one of our favorite family restaurants down here, where they had HUGE meatballs in the kids' spaghetti and my salad was pretty good. Geana had Penne Rosa and liked it. My mom had Salmon which wasn't spectacular. We'll be back there as the week moves on, I suspect.

Pictures of kids tomorrow...


geeg said...

you think God created traffic because you didn't have any kids in your car. (in fact, there just happened to not be a convenient spot for you to pull over to switch james into your car). FOR ME, God created traffic to remind me that beach vacations are no more than my life with SAND!