Thursday, July 23, 2009

OCNJ - Day 6

What is one to do with four year-old quadruplets at the beach when it rains all day?

First off - you've got to accept the fact that the day is lost and that you are going to be left to your own devices to find creative, entertaining, and fun stuff to do. A trip into town is what we decided would be fun. They have food, they have shopping, they have crafts, and it turns out - they have fire trucks. Other than the rain - it was destined to be a wonderful day!

We started off by stopping in a beach store where Ella promptly found a new pair of sunglasses that she just HAAAD to have. After much deliberation, we (Ella and I) decided that she was a bit too young for this particular pair, although they were cute. We took a picture anyway to relieve any screaming in the store. Maybe she can get them in 2026...

From there we traveled down the main drag a bit further and we found another store called "Butterfly Boutique" where we made crafts and painted stuff with the kids. It was perfect.

Back out into the rain. Grandma suggested that we seek out the firehouse - which turned into the highlight of the week so far. We walked into the station and we were promptly scooped up by fireman J. O'Neill of the OCFD and given plastic fire helmets. He took us on a tour of the station. I mean - everywhere. He took us into the kitchen, the sleeping quarters, the locker room, the room where they sit and watch tv, and of course - the garage where they park the trucks. The kids all had a million questions and weren't the least bit shy to tell them about our house fire that happened about a year ago. We headed into an ambulance where they told Fireman O'Neill about Sammy's trip in the ambulance. No doubt Fireman O'Neill could tell that the Morris Family are veterans when it comes to setting your house on fire or getting whacked in the head with a golf club.
After sitting in the ambulance and asking him about oxygen tanks and broken legs, James and Ella took turns trying on the fireman's gear. James said, "Dad - I don't want to be a mall Santa anymore. When I grow up I want to be a fireman! Okay?" I told him that he can be anything he wants to be (secretly saying, "YES!!!" to myself). Ella looked adorable in the gear. I just wished that I had the beer glasses to add to the outfit. Oh well... maybe in 2026. No - wait - if she's hanging out in the firehouse in 2026 and trying on the firemen's clothes that would also fit into the category of unacceptable. But I digress...

We left the firehouse and ventured back out into the rain. Everyone was in a great mood, despite the downpours. Nobody was even thinking about the ocean, the pool, or the sand. We stopped at some restaurant for lunch... mmm...

At this point we were exhausted. It was time to venture back to the house - but not before stopping to smell the beautiful flowers outside one of the stores.

We got home and took a nap. Remember - naps are your friend. Robby and I had a brief argument on this point but I eventually won... barely.
Daddy: Time for naps guys.
Daddy: Yes. If you take a nap you'll have more energy for later.
Robby: To do what? It's raining. We can't go anywhere.
Daddy (trying to think of something threatening): I'm gonna call the firemen and make you sleep in the station with them.
Robby: Fine. I'll get my shoes on.
Daddy: Ugh.. Rob - just go to bed.
Robby: Ok.
He puts up a good argument but when push comes to shove he knows when to give up. He makes the most wonderful faces, though.

When the kids woke up we had shrimp for dinner with Old Bay...mmm...

Then the kids did a craft with Grandma and Caitlin while I watched the Phillies game. They went to bed full, happy, and excited for Mommy and Sammy's return (which should be late this evening.)
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PJ Mullen said...

That was a pretty cool idea to visit there. Seems the firehouse had a lot of allure for them.