Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OCNJ - Day 5

So far... we've survived. Breakfast was donuts made on the boardwalk again... mmm...

I'm realizing that this blogging everyday thing is harder than you would think. I feel like I'm just giving you guys a mundane download of daily activities... but have no fear... today's post will be gripping, enthralling, and even downright controversial. (Not really... but you're hooked, right?)

We started the day with a puzzle. Fun stuff. James liked it.

Then we (Caitlin, my mother, and I) got the
kids dressed and we all headed to the beach (my dad came too.) As I sat on our porch yesterday watching fathers lugging mounds and mounds of overly excessive (albeit necessary) beach equipment up from the beach with their wives and small children rooting them on - I decided that I would venture out to the beach today despite my cast. I would not bring the mounds and mounds of equipment, though. The Morris' are minimalists. Each kid would get to carry a bucket, a shovel and a frozen margarita. I mean what is a beach vacation if you can't enjoy your kids' time on the beach? We dressed the quads, lubed them up, and set sail for the shore.

Surely you noticed the cute children burying Caitlin in the sand but look at the picture again - did you notice the pathetic gimp in the background? "HEY HAND ME A MARGARITA!"

Robby was attacked by a wave and when I asked him how big it was he couldn't stretch his hands up high enough. I asked him if he held his breath when the wave got him and he looked at me with the most indignant face and told me, "No Dad - that would be cheating." I didn't ask him to explain. I just went with it.

We spent some time after lunch around the pool - cooling off and relaxing before coming inside for naps. That's right... kids take naps on vacation from 3pm to 5pm while on vacation with Satan Dad. We all need them. We all love them. And when it's 9pm on the boardwalk - we all appreciate them!

Naps were followed by a round of miniature golf where I taught the kids that you drive for show and putt for dough. To which Anna replied, "Dad - I have no idea what that means." She
proceeded to hit a 35 on the back 9 and kicked all of our asses... I think I was being hustled because she won a round of ice cream for her brothers and sister after we finished up our round of golf. That's Tiger on the right.

Ice cream... mmm....After ice cream, golf, and dinner (not necessarily in that order) - we headed home to crash... and crash we did. The kids got ready for bed and fell right asleep in their beds. They wanted to watch a movie in their room because there is a TV and a VCR. The only problem is that the only VHS tapes that the place owns is 101 Dalmatians (which we've seen 101 times) and a Clint Eastwood western. We opted for no TV tonight and they didn't put up a fight.

Now it's time for Daddy to fall asleep. Honestly though - I'm not having to do much. My mother and Caitlin are really doing most of the work and I'm sitting in the background barking orders. But I think Anna speaks for us all in saying, "COME BACK MOMMY!"