Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a Let Down!

For the record - keeping a chronicle of my everyday life at work is nowhere near as fun as doing so on the beach with quadruplets - but I thought I'd give it a shot to see just how entertaining it can be...

Got coffee:

Typed an e-mail:

Added some stuff:

Sharpened a pencil:

On another note - as I was commuting home from work yesterday, still in a cast, I got on the subway and nobody offered up their seat. Ok. Fine. I'm annoyed - but whatever - there is a seat at the end of the car, I will sit there. All the woman has to do is move from the outside seat to the inside seat and let me sit with my scooter in the aisle and it won't be in any one's way. Perfect. (This is an annoyance of mine, too, by the way. To all of you passive aggressive a-holes out there that ride the subway and think that the seat next to you was created for a bag, purse, or your invisible friend so that you don't have to share your double seater with me - you are mistaken. If you really don't want someone to sit next to you, man up and tell me that when I try to sit down rather than rolling your eyes at my insistence on the moving of your bag.) My children will never do this.

Anyway, I made my way down the aisle next to the lady. I stood... she didn't move... I stared at her... she stole quick little glances up at me, still not moving over... I stood some more... the subway pulled away from the station... she stared straight ahead like in a trance, no longer stealing quick glances up at me. The inside seat was still empty and it became crystal clear to me that this woman had no intention of sharing. Being a stubborn cripple these days, I refused to ask the question, "May I please sit down - after all, asshole, I'm wearing a freakin' cast." So I stood. The. Whole. Ride.

About 20 minutes later we both got off at the end of the line. I tore off down the platform on my scooter, mad as hell, but not having said a word. I was mad at myself now for not coming up with something witty to say. When...

As I was waiting for the elevator to come back down to the platform, the lady made her way up and stood next to me, also waiting for a ride up. This was my chance! I can also be a passive aggressive a-hole. The elevator opened. As a gentleman, I usually let a lady in first but today I was no gentleman. I sped into the elevator on my scooter, positioning the monstrosity that carries my left foot around these days just in front of the elevator door so that she couldn't make her way in. I smiled and said, "Sorry - there's no room. You'll have to get the next one." I shut the door and proceeded up to the station level. When the elevator opened up I pulled the little red "stop" button and went on my merry way.

Ahh... sweet victory!


Dan said...

Utterly brilliant man.

Janie Woods said...

That's AWESOME!! Your pictures had me rollin'! Elevators at work are a sore subject with me, but now I know how to handle the rude people!

Not only are our blogs closely titled, our entries are almost twins...How cool are WE!!!