Friday, August 31, 2012

Tour de Five Kids (and friends)

This Labor Day weekend we will be having a bike extravaganza at the Morris household. (I really have one singular purpose - which is to get Ella off her damn training wheels before the summer is officially over.) But it also will be a fun filled, ride packed weekend with various destinations including Ridley Creek State Park, Pennypack Park, Forbidden Drive and possibly Valley Forge. (The kids, i.e. Ella, may kill me by the end of the weekend - OR she will be forever grateful to be able to finally ride on two wheels. We will see.)

Tonight will be spent cleaning bikes, filling tires, getting bike racks on the car (yes plural), and maybe taking a quick spin to the neighborhood cemetery before turning in for the night.

Truth be told - I think that the kids are going to have a blast this weekend if we keep it fun, easy, and explore some fun places. Look for posts (and pics) all weekend long...

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