Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We had a visit from our local police department this evening. I got home from work and, as soon as I walked in the door, the phone rang. It was the police.

Cop: Did someone dial 911.

Geana: Probably.

Cop: A unit is on their way.

Turns out that Robby called the cops this time. (We've had other instances when it was another one of our little angels deciding to make an emergency call from my cell phone.)

In all honesty - I can almost justify his call... almost. Turns out that Anna accidentally nudged him down the basement steps. She stands by her story that it was an accident. Well - when he landed at the bottom he hurt his leg (not badly - just enough to feel it necessary to call the ambulance). He decided to get up, pull the chair over to the wall, stand on the chair so that he could reach the phone, call 911 and tell them what had happened. He must have really been driven to do this because the phone in the basement is one of those old rotary phones where you have to spin the dial to dial the numbers. I really wish I could have a copy of that phone call recording. Does anyone know how to request recorded 911 calls?