Sunday, June 07, 2009


Today was spent at Eastern University watching Anna and Ella's dance recital, followed by lunch, and then Sammy's piano recital... an Epic day.

At about 12:00, we tooled up to the University in the coolest vehicle ever made - our obnoxious Chevy Express with an oh so subtle bubble top - we exited the vehicle, and proceeded to make our way into the theatre in a single file line. Don't mess with the divas that are the Morris Family.

After we unloaded, Geana took the girls back stage and finished getting them ready. By the time they were all done up they looked like rock stars and, if I might say, were the cutest girls in the whole recital (but you can decide for yourself). Ultimately - they really had a fun day and the recital was a blast!

I hope you paid extra close attention and noticed the big yellow cut out of a ballerina that was hanging center stage. You'll notice that it is in one piece and doesn't seem to have a rip going from her neck to her arm pit... yet... (more on that shortly).

The recital was followed by lunch at Bertucci's. Mmm... they have the best Martguerita pizza with caramelized onions. I only dropped one slice of pizza on the floor before Geana confiscated the serving thingy from me and served the pizza herself. One day I'll learn to just fall in line with the kids and stop trying to help with stuff... but not today! Luckily we had enough pizza (the leftovers, I'm eating right now... mmm.)

Anyway - we played with pizza dough, scarfed down some food, and then we headed back to Eastern for Act II - Sammy playing The Can-Can. While we were waiting for Sammy's recital to start we took some pictures outside on the beautiful campus. As you can see - the boys really illustrate the beauty that is the campus of Eastern University. I had a feeling we were in for a long afternoon...

Let me tell you... the girl's recital was perfect. It was about 45 minutes long, all of the numbers had no more than 6 kids so that they ALL were in the front row. They didn't split them up into front and back. It was very well done and I couldn't stop praising the school for its organization. Bravo to a school which I've already raved about. The music recital - not so much.

I'll start by saying they really didn't have a choice. It was what it was and the length couldn't really be helped. After about 2 hours of listening to other kids play the piano, clarinet, trombone, and sing Tomorrow from "Annie" - Sammy finally took the stage. Before I talk about Sammy's stellar performance, I'd like to mention Geana's contribution to today's shows. Remember that yellow ballerina I told you to take note of... well... here it is after the dance recital:

See - Geana was trying to go backstage and was on one side of the curtain while the performers were on the other side. As any unsuspecting parent might do, she thrust the curtains open, not realizing that their was a paper figure pinned just above her head - half to the right side and half to the left side of the curtains. As she forced the curtains open, she heard (along with a riiiiiip) the booming voice of the school director, "WHO IS OPENING THAT CURTAIN?" Before he could see her face, Geana ushered the curtains shut and bolted off stage to a sea of other adults, milling about with their other children. She was safe... but the evidence remained. If the Napoli's are reading this blog - Geana Morris did it... but you didn't hear it from me.

Anyway - Sammy kicked some can-can and rocked the house. Here is his performance. It was a fun day... and after taking another hour and a half to, upload video, organize pictures, and write this post - I'm exhausted. Good night all! Enjoy...