Sunday, July 05, 2009

Birthdays, BBQ's, and Broken Bones

Talk about a lot going on.... wow!

Sammy's birthday went well. We got him a basketball hoop, finally got it put together thanks to help from Poppy, and now he's a regular Magic Johnson. He even beat Kevin, a seventeen year-old friend of the family, although I suspect Kevin went easy on him. Here is the star taking a second to mug for the cameras...

But what I suspect everyone will find the most hilarious piece of the weekend was me fracturing the fifth metatarsal on my left foot. Yup - that's right... I broke my foot. It happened just after we had gotten Sammy's hoop from Target. I was carrying the 250 lb. behemoth into the house in an attempt to get it out of the rain. It was still in it's box and the rain was starting to come down pretty hard. I figured it best to get the thing inside. Well... I dragged it from the street to the driveway... to the door... lifted it over the threshold... slammed it down to the kitchen floor.... BOOM!! Success! It was a tough task in flip-flops, but I got it done - sans injury. It was when I went back to the car to get the loaf of bread that I rolled my ankle on my wet flip flops on the sidewalk.

At first the ER Doc thought it was the dreaded "Jones Fracture." An ordeal that keeps people off their feet for up to 20 weeks - especially Diabetics, of which I am one - and often times requires surgery with pins to get it to heal properly. To put this into perspective - I would have only one functional leg until CHRISTMAS - including hospital time and about a week of complete immobility for surgical recovery. Yeah... that would fall into the "sucks" category for sure. Lucky for me - it was just a standard run of the mill "klutz fracture" and I'm only going to be incapacitated for 6 weeks or so. The good news out of all of this... I drove down to Delaware to pick up my cool new roll-a-bout just in time for the neighborhood July 4th parade. Ella and I won 2nd place.

Rule of thumb: If you are forced to look like a dork, for any reason at all, include a kid because then it becomes less about you looking like a shmoe and more about the kid looking adorable.

Unfortunately I head back to work tomorrow, with no kids at my side, and I will be back to being a dork...


Kate said...

Sorry to hear about your foot! Wyatt just broke his arm on Sunday and also chose a black cast...what kind of marker are you using to sign yours?? This has been our big dilemma now that the trauma part is over! :) Sending quick healing wishes your way.

Kate :)

daddyscratches said...

GAH! The story was bad enough, but the foot picture? I'm cringing.

Hope it heals quickly! Summer injuries suck.

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